Starling LC

Starling Learning Centre

Starling Learning Centre is named after a sterling bird. A Starling bird is a musical bird that sings variation of both melodic and mechanical sounds that in most cases lasts a period of a minute or more. Starling Learning Centre has students that are musical and joyful, spiritually build with biblical values. Just like other students, they work on all curriculum subjects inclusive of Maths, English, Social Studies, Literature, Science and Word building. This learning centre is supervised by Miss Florence Nechesa and Mr. Hillary Amollo.

Florence Nechesa, the supervisor has this testimony:

“Hebron has been a home, community and more so a great environment for growth in all aspects of life. My interaction with both the young and the older students, supervisors and the administrators has made me enjoy my working environment.

Bearing in mind the fact that ACE supports individual learning, each student here is unique. With that in mind I now understand how to deal with them at a personal level and see them grow to explore their potential. It is one of the Learning Centres that express themselves freely, given that most of them are at their discovery stage. The students here are talented differently. I must admit that ACE system has given me an environment to learn and grow through both challenges and achievements.

ACE has also given me an opportunity to touch lives of the young people, through prayers and general interaction and more so helping them grow in the fear of God through His word. Am so grateful that I have had a chance to also impact them through Students Convention where I have written Christ-based plays and poems, among other performance items and trained them in the same for performances.

I thank God for Hebron and pray that it will grow to higher heights”.