Our Vision & History

Vision: To develop children with a value based lifestyle to positively impact and transform the community.

Mission: To train and transform children for future impact of nations.


Hebron Educational Centre promotes Christian values based on the character traits of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is at the core of the school’s philosophy. With the Bible as the foundational text book, the student is introduced to the academic curriculum from a Godly perspective. Hebron Educational Centre follows the School of Tomorrow Educational Program which has been developed by Accelerated Christian Education International. The program enjoys global acclaim and with over 7,500 schools worldwide. School of Tomorrow is a world leader in global, biblical and educational reform. Moreover, the School of Tomorrow program is Biblically based and a uniquely individualized educational program.

Hebron Educational Centre was born out of a burden of  Kingdom Life Centre’s Senior Pastor Aggrey Ayiro and his wife Naomi Ayiro. They both had a background in Education and a desire to develop and raise children with Christian character. This came out of a concern after seeing the deficiency in the Country’s Education system. The system had become Materialistic and Secular as opposed to that of the foundation of the Kenyan Education which was born in private schools ran by missionaries and mostly held in churches. It was indeed a parental responsibility. Hebron Educational Centre started in September 2009 with five students sitting on a mat in a ‘Mabati’ (Iron Sheet) Structure.