Eagles LC

Eagle Learning Centre

The eyes of an eagle are larger than those of an adult human and an eagle’s eyesight is at least four times sharper than that of a human with perfect vision.  An eagle flying at an altitude of several hundred feet can spot a fish under water.  Eagles have binocular vision, which allows them to perceive depth and is particularly useful when diving at prey.

Eagle Learning Centre is named after an eagle bird. Based on a higher visions that each student should have, we relate them with eagles. Truly they are eagles-most of them, almost a half of the class, attended the international students convention in the USA. Moreover, not only did they attend but also they performed exceptionally well. Every student has custom-made talent ranging from music, athletics, academic, drama among others. The class has students from grade nine upwards working on the PACES 1097-1032. Learning at Eagle Learning Centre is facilitated by two supervisors: Mr. Dennis Omondi and Mr. Antony Nbita Simiyu.