Mama Naomi Ayiro – Director HEC

Hebron Education Centre is a dream that came true. It has been a journey watching these young people grow from little children seated on a mat in a Mabati (iron sheets) building to now some of them- like Juma- tall and fine young men.

We give God the glory; He has brought us this far. I thank God for my husband, Pastor Aggrey Ayiro, who took a bold step to actualize what God was putting in our hearts about the education system.

Having been teachers and now running a church, we had a burden especially for the children that were being born: we felt that the education system in Kenya had lost direction and values. By then we had no idea of what kind of education to adapt.

We thank God for Mr & Mrs Ondieki who introduced us to A.C.E only to find that it was Mr. Enock Muhol- a gentleman we had interacted earlier while he was in his youth-who was the director of ACE in East Africa. This gave us confidence to pursue the system. It’s important to value and keep relationships.

It’s so fulfilling to watch the transformation that takes place in the Hebron students. I have watched the children as they arrive in the school. Some of them very rough and selfish in character, others very timid and shy. Through this system and values instilled in them, there is a lot of transformation that takes place in them. Those who were selfish can willingly share and are friendly.

There are some who have come after being harassed by the other education systems. Some even do not know how to speak in English or even how to talk. It’s amazing how they are transformed in two to three weeks. Some have become bold and yet friendly, the character changes and they are able to speak in English with confidence.

I appreciate how they are focused and can set goals for themselves. I have received good reports from parents/guardians and various places they have gone visiting.

We longed to build a school that will show a difference and cause an impact to the community. How I desire that these children will be example to believers in word, conversation, love, Spirit in faith and purity as shown in (1Tim 4:12).