Dove LC

Dove Learning Centre

A dove is smaller in size; a bird of more than 300 species.  Our learning centre, beginner’s class, is named after this bird. In dove learning centre we have students aged 3-4 years old. It is a foundational class with educational experiences that includes but not limited to painting, coloring, modeling, playing and singing. It is also here where learners are introduced to the golden rules which are sharing, love, rules, authority and politeness.

Mrs. Flora Felix is the supervisor in charge of this learning centre. “As a supervisor, being in the ACE System has been a great blessing to me. As I have helped students develop in many aspects of their lives, I have also been transformed both spiritually and socially since the materials that we use are based on the word of God. It has helped me to know how to deal with different students with different personalities especially after having interacted with the younger students”.