Eagles LC

Eagle Learning Centre The eyes of an eagle are larger than those of an adult human and an eagle’s eyesight is at least four times sharper than that of a human with perfect vision.  An eagle flying at an altitude of several hundred feet can spot a fish under water.  Eagles have binocular vision, which allows [...]
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Crane LC

Crane Learning Centre Crane bird is a large grayish bird. Crane learning centre, named after crown bird, has grade eight students working on the PCES 1085-1096. Mr. Antony Simiyu and Mr. Dennis Omondi are in charge of this learning centre.
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Kingfisher LC

Kingfisher Learning Centre Kingfisher birds have large heads, short tails and brilliant coloration; they feed mostly on fish. Kingfisher learning centre is named after this bird. This learning centre has students in grade seven working on the PACES 1073-1084. Miss. Florence Nechesa and Hillary Omollo facilitates learning in this learning centres.
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Starling LC

Starling Learning Centre Starling Learning Centre is named after a sterling bird. A Starling bird is a musical bird that sings variation of both melodic and mechanical sounds that in most cases lasts a period of a minute or more. Starling Learning Centre has students that are musical and joyful, spiritually build with biblical values. [...]
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Robin LC

Robin Learning Centre American Robins are industrious and authoritarian birds that bound across lawns or stand erect, beak tilted upward, to survey their environs. In fall and winter, they form large flocks and gather in trees to roost or eat berries. Robin Learning Centre, named after the bird, has students in grade three and four [...]
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About ACE

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Dove LC

Dove Learning Centre A dove is smaller in size; a bird of more than 300 species.  Our learning centre, beginner’s class, is named after this bird. In dove learning centre we have students aged 3-4 years old. It is a foundational class with educational experiences that includes but not limited to painting, coloring, modeling, playing [...]
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Sparrow LC

Sparrow Learning Centre This learning centre is a preschool comprised of 4-5 year olds. They have five subjects which include Math, English, Social Studies, Science and Wo