Joining HEC



Hebron school admits students of any race, color, nationality  and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available. Before a child is admitted / enrolled to Hebron Educational Centre they are assessed through Diagnostic Tests (Interviews). We have admissions forms which one can fill and send them back via our email address.

Application Process

  • Make Application
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Learning Requirements
  • The Hebron Experience

You can make application request by visiting the school during office working hours or by filling in the online form available in this website. We shall email you the application forms which you’ll fill and deliver physically or via email.

We shall then process your application and give you feedback in the shortest time possible.

Other than pupils joining pre-school, students joining the other grades will require to undergo diagnostic tests for placement purposes.

Once a student is accepted, the parent or guardian is required to purchase school uniform, pay school fees and avail any other material that is necessary to ensure their child is comfortable.

Parents/guardians will be given an orientation about the school and the ACE system. Communication will be provided on a regular basis through the school newsletter, parents Whatsapp group, email and more specifically by the class supervisors through the students’ diary.

Student Testimonies

NICOLE JOY: I joined HEC school in 2010 and started in dove learning centre. My spiritual life has been greatly changed ever since 2010. Hebron is just like a family to me. People love each other and value one another.

MICHAEL NJUGUNA: With little doubt, Hebron has built me spiritually and socially. It has moved me closer to God than I used to be. When I came to Hebron, I was a very quiet kid. Right now, my self-esteem is built and I can talk with people without feeling shy.

IMMANUEL JUMA: I like Hebron because it is through here that my music talent has been developed