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Philosophy & Core Values


“We believe that each child is unique and therefore always strives to discover and develop their god-given talents and abilities while ensuring that their character is shaped along biblical principles and ChristianValues.”

To develop children with a Value based Lifestyle to positively impact and transform the community.

Why Hebron?

  • A child experiences a warm, loving, Christian environment.
  • A child is placed in a level he/she will excel.
  • A child is taught to set goals and achieve them in time.
  • S/he is highly motivated to achieve a well-balanced life that has its base on character and competence.
  • A child’s talent is identified and nurtured.
Hebron Core Values
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Our Core Values

The Centrality of Christ

We acknowledge the sovereignty of Jesus Christ over all that we do and we are subject to His command through the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Setting a Standard

Accurate character development is the key to HEC process and demands the highest level of integrity, honesty, nobility and morality hence be of good example in all spheres of life.

Personal Responsibility

This is expressed in exemplary commitment, initiative, accountability, sacrifice and service.

Growth & Personal Transformation

This involves making the right choices. There must be constant, conscious and consistent decisions to learn values, make right choices and exercise kingdom principles in life today thereby continually building a platform for life tomorrow.


This is important in shaping the child in the way he should go. Discipline is not an option. It is an obligation and a pre-condition for continued participation in the HEC process. Every person has the ability to do what is right.


This involves respect for God, other authorities, other people and self.


Each student must acquire a sense of participation and ownership over the nations of the world and see themselves as relevant members of the global community. With respect of all cultures and nationalities and an obligation to the development of all people groups.

Individual Calling

Every child is unique. We celebrate the values that each child brings to our school and we make room for expression.

Journey Mentality

Kingdom life is a process and we expect no child to settle until they become the best version of themselves. Therefore we continually adjust their lives, systems and structures as we apprehend more excellent dimensions.

Life of Sacrifice

Convenience and comfort are the enemies of progress. A life of sacrifice will demand the child to lay down their lives for the greater good in all that they do (Death to self).

Covenant Relationship

In order to establish a particular kind of child, God will divinely link purpose together so that they may draw from each other and advance corporately.

Our Slogan

Hebron School is: a good school, a Christian school and a value based school

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