HEC Board of Directors

Sitted: AggreyAyiro – Chairman &
Mama Naomi Ayiro – Director

From Left: Stephen Makokha, Dennis Ndalo,
Francis Munyao, Emily Masele,
Ruth Nyakundi, Esther Karanja,
Kenneth Maundu, Harrison Ambetsa &
Peter Achar

Hebron Educational Centre is a Christian values based institution, sponsored by the Kingdom Life Centre. The school was set up on the basis of one of the objectives in the church’s articles of association. It was in response to the general deterioration of values in society and in many of the schools in the country, and aims at producing disciplined and respectable citizens.

The school uses the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum, which focuses on individualized learning and the thorough development of each student. It enables special attention to be given to even the slow learners in ensuring none is left behind. The school associates with many others established under this system in Kenya and East Africa. It specifically participates in the annual East African Students Convention for extra-curricular activities.

The school is run with the help of Board of Directors for effective functionality.

The school Board and Management look forward to contributing to the overall development and improvement of students, teachers and parents for future impact.