Pastor Aggrey Ayiro – Chairman HEC

Hebron Educational Centre was born out of the desire to produce our Educational system with an alternative and philosophy.

The educational institutions we have in the country are mostly examination and certificates focused. We love Hebron Educational Centre focusing on developing students academically, spiritually and in character. It is a value-based school.

What makes Hebron Educational Centre different from other schools is because it operates as a family; with the parents, teachers and church surrounding the student. As a result our students are developed in an environment of love, concern and empowerment.

Our school is based on individualized learning where the teacher is there to Supervise and facilitate. The emphasis is more on the student learning than the teacher teaching. This has encouraged our students to perform well in both academic and co-curriculum activities leading to excellent performance in the last East Africa Students Convention. We are developing the school with the view of producing dependable citizens in future. It is disappointing to witness how the society is corrupt and because of this we feel compelled to produce citizens with Christian values. It is my prayer that we will all pull together to produce such citizens from Hebron Educational Centre.