Robin LC

Robin Learning Centre

American Robins are industrious and authoritarian birds that bound across lawns or stand erect, beak tilted upward, to survey their environs. In fall and winter, they form large flocks and gather in trees to roost or eat berries.

Robin Learning Centre, named after the bird, has students in grade three and four working on the PACES 1024-1048. The supervisor in charge of this learning Centre, Mrs Rachael Mwando; has this to say:

In Robin learning Centre you will get students who are talented and skilled in music and art. I have amazing students who are very honest and open especially on the issues of life. All of my students love God. We rarely miss devotion; however, in case by chance I delay in doing devotion when it is time, my students have always reminded me. I love the ACE system that our school uses. It not only develops students spiritually but also the supervisor.